Technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM)

The Bugsweepers will give you your privacy back by protecting your business, family and yourself from data theft and corporate espionage

Who Bugs People?

Spy equipment is being illegally deployed globally throughout business and residential areas.

Types of Bugs

What types of eavesdropping equipment is being utilised and where and how are they being used.

TSCM Equipment

If there are devices deployed in the building, only professional TSCM equipment will locate them.

Bug Detection and Counter Surveillance Experts

Do you suspect that you are being electronically harassed or a victim of information leakage from illicit eavesdropping electronics? Do you want to know for sure what’s really going on? I have provided here some basic information to assist you in managing any potential electronic threats.

These pages are by no means definitive, but aim to get you educated quickly in this kind of threat, so that you may make an informed decision to reclaiming, and maintaining your privacy.

Please contact me for a no-obligation, confidential discussion in relation to organising an electronic sweep and clean of your business or residence.

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Have your home and office swept by a competent TSCM technician

Who are The Bugsweepers?

The Bugsweepers provide bug detection sweeps in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Charles Carter is the principal of The Bugsweepers which is based in Sydney but service clients nationwide. The Bugsweepers team specialise in technical surveillance counter measures and security risk and threat assessment. Charles has been in the security industry for over 20 years as a consultant to the private and government sectors.

The Bugsweeper’s team is equipped with the world’s best TSCM equipment and training.

SWEEP Services performed:

  • Your cars for tracking/ audio/ visual devices
  • Business offices
  • Residential homes
  • Other danger hotspots: change rooms, bathrooms, children’s area

We will

  • Use the best TSCM equipment and training in the world to clean your business or home
  • Train you on how to protect yourself.
  • Comprehensively sweep everything, not just some things (just phones, just transmitters etc.)
  • Do a gap analysis and close the gaps asap
  • Equip your meeting rooms to be able to electronically jam, and black out any future interception
  • Make your meeting secure again
  • Make your home, business clean
  • Clear vehicles of eavesdropping and tracking
  • We will find any devices without you having to tear your place apart and get nowhere
  • Create a bespoke Electronic security management plan

We won’t:

  • Conduct eavesdropping operations on anyone under any circumstances
  • Ever divulge any client, or potential clients personal, or business details
  • Automatically remove the bugs when we find them. We will inform you offsite securely; then we will give you the option of whether to keep it there, in order to send misinformation, find out who in fact is bugging you, and or call law enforcement

Decision point:

There is no value in having locks, fences, cameras and firewalls to protect from outside, if the spy has been already invited inside your building.

Examples are the: janitors/ security guard/ employee/ air-conditioning/ plumbing/ electrician/ IT serviceman

You are vulnerable and wide open till you sweep for any threats properly and professionally.

You may spend tens of thousands on a CCTV system, a firewall, and virus scanning software. But none of this cost has any bearing on an electronic eavesdropping attack on you.

How much in comparison do you spend on countering illegal audio and visual information theft?

The time has come to box smart. As Sun Tzu, the writer of the ART OF WAR’s main premise is that wars are won and lost in the preparation stage.

Often the only effective option for a competitor now is to get inside the building where there is LITTLE or NO real Security.

World best practise security management strategy is to conduct regular Electronic Security investigations in the workplace at a minimum once per year. There is no other way of obtaining peace of mind that the business management, Marketing, Research and development is being stolen.

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Do not call us from a suspect phone, or area that you think may be potentially bugged. We will meet offsite and have a obligation free discussion as to how I can help you

Doing nothing is the more expensive decision of all. As the quote says: “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance”