Types of Bugs

Eavesdropping equipment by catagory

Types of eavesdropping equipment

Radio Frequency transmitters:

These units are transmitting audio and / or visual data away from the target location to a listening post elsewhere.

1. FM transmitter bugs
2. GSM bugs
3. Carrier current powered bugs (baby monitor)
4. Wireless bugs (2.4 Gig digital video and audio)
5. Burst Transmitters

Non transmitting audio/ visual devices

These are not sending out the audio visual, but storing the data to have the unit picked up then taken away for analysis.

6. Dictaphones
7. Mobile phones in flight mode (non-transmitting , but recording)
8. USB sticks
9. Fibre microphone
10. Key stroke loggers

Telephone Bugs

11. Hook switch bypass – for analog traditional phones
12. Bugs inside digital phone
13. VoIP interception programs (such as Wireshark / Kana and Abel etc)

Mobile interceptions

14. Cell phone interception devices
15. Software loaded into cell phone (requires brief access to your phone)
16. Base station cell tower impersonation (phone locks to the strongest signal, encryption is dropped to lowest level, then all your data is stolen)
17. Law enforcement – a court ordered TI’s ( Telephone intercepts) will take all your phone data such as calls, text and email directly from your telephone service provider)
18. Long range devices can be pointed at your window from outside, or towards open air conversations

Common places where bugs are concealed

These particular photos have been taken from ebay to demonstrate how easy and cheap they are to obtain.

1. Smoke detectors
2. Power points, phone points, coaxial (TV) cable points
3. Furniture
4. Telephones and Telephone lines
5. Home electronics
6. Light switch controllers and wall bracket
7. Light fittings
8. Doors
9. Inside walls
10. Computer keyboard and mouse
11. Clocks
12. Lamps
13. USB sticks
14. Alarm panels
15. Air conditioning controllers and units
16. Clothing hook cameras

Where are the best locations to attack you electronically?

Get your peace of mind back again, and take control over your assets and space now.

1. Your mobile phone, it’s with you almost always – tracks, records and profiles you
2. Your business office – What’s the real price if all your data is compromised?
3. Your home office – is it as physically and electronically secure as the office?
4. Your home – Don’t let your family down
5. The offices of your colleagues – what do they have access to? What controls are placed on them?
6. Your car – parked inside or outside? Cars are easy to break into. Are you being tracked and listened to?
7. Your recreation locations and toys – is your ship leaking? Do you only ever talk business at the office?
8. Your boardroom – make your meetings secure again
9. Your PABX – is your communications hub wide open for attack?
10. Your computer network- where all your IP rests…. Damage or theft is your worst nightmare
11. Your modem/ Wi-Fi – the gateway to your business