Corporate Bug Sweeps

Houses and Apartments

The Bugsweepers technicians have performed hundreds of Domestic electronic bug sweeps in order to maintain Security, privacy and peace of mind for the entire family.

Events, AGM’S, meetings

Call the Bugsweepers to sweep and clear your next AGM green room, seminar, or meeting room. Get peace of mind before your important event.


The Bugsweepers can sweep and clear your vehicle from any microphones, cameras, recorders, transmitters and vehicle tracking.

Live meeting monitoring

The Bug Sweepers use cutting edge software to monitor all radio transmissions during a meeting after an electronic Bug Sweep has been conducted in the meeting room beforehand.

Analog, Digital and VoIP telephone system Security Audits and Investigations

We can check your Analog, Digital or VoIP telephones, wiring and switches for any illicit spyware attack electronics attached to your staff landlines. We use state of the art telephony inspection equipment and training.

Do You Need to Call the Professional to Sweep for Bugs?

How is it possible to bug your office without you even knowing? Unfortunately, it’s much easier to spy on people than you might think.
Employees: Do you assume that all your workers are loyal to your company? In reality, most people work because they need a job, and if they receive a better offer from somebody else based on the prerequisite that they bug your office, they might just go for it.
Fake inspectors: It’s never wise to let someone inside your workplace without them having made an appointment because you can’t be sure of what their motives are. However, of all your employees, somebody could quite easily let a spy in by mistake, and it only takes a few minutes to install a device that you’ll be unable to detect without a bug sweep.
Private investigators: Corporations commonly hire private investigators to watch their competitors, and those who want to excel at their job will find a way to plant a bug to steal your information, whether it’s placed in your office, car, or home.

Say No to Corporate Espionage

Unfortunately, in this ultra-competitive world, business owners are willing to invest heavily in stealing data from the competition and depending on what information they obtain, they could cause serious damage to your company. Let us give your office a sweep for bugs, and you can feel confident that what happens in the workplace stays in the workplace.