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Most business owners do everything within their power to protect their company from outside threats – or they think they do, at least. You might have installed the latest CCTV cameras and alarm systems to prevent unwanted intruders from breaking an entry into your property, and you may have invested in IT professionals and the most advanced anti-virus software to prevent hacking. However, have you gone to any lengths to ensure people can’t spy on your business? And, have you thought about what the consequences might be should a competitor be able to listen to your private conversations?

The ugly truth is; many people will do just about anything to undermine your business operations, and some individuals may even try to gain leverage over you by stealing information you don’t want in the public domain. If anybody is looking to take over your business, undermine your stock prices, steal your clients, or damage your reputation, they may plant a bug somewhere in your workplace. To put things into perspective; the cost of espionage is thought to cost the USA up to $300 billion annually, which is why collectively, corporations invest $26 billion a year on counter surveillance services.

At The Bug Sweepers, we understand that many business owners assume nobody would send a spy into their office, but unfortunately, because hacking is challenging and highly illegal, espionage is on the rise. It costs very little to plant a bug in your office, especially when you consider the potential rewards of doing so. If you want to ensure your workplace is free from spying devices, you ought to consider investing in our TSCM services.

What Are TSCM Services?

TSCM (technical surveillance counter-measures) refers to the process of sweeping your office, car or home for bugs, and you never know where your competition may plant a spying device to listen into your phone calls and conversations. Fortunately, you don’t need to let bugs threaten your business if you invest in counter surveillance, and you shouldn’t for a second assume that such an investment is an unnecessary expenditure.

In many situations, a private investigator will persuade an employee to grant them entry into your building, usually by acting as an electrician or inspector. It takes just a few minutes to install a bug that’s almost undetectable without using the latest scanning devices, and your competition could use such a spying device to blackmail you, steal information, complete a hostile takeover or tarnish your reputation. We’re here to ensure none of those things happen.

We can check your building from top to bottom without creating a mess or ripping out any of the walls, and though we recommend utilising our counter surveillance services annually, we firmly advise calling us if you’ve noticed private info in the public domain or have started losing clients without prior warning.

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Ideally, people would value honesty and only try to outpace your business by improving their product offering, but that’s just not the world in which we live. If you want to protect your workplace from espionage, you should contact our professionals to sweep your workplace for bugs sooner rather than later.