Protect Trade Secrets with a Surveillance Detection Check from the Bugsweepers

Is your business working on a new product that is going to revolutionise your industry? Are you putting the finishing touches on a major deal that you can’t afford to leak to the press early? Are you conducting any other form of business that needs to stay confidential and secure?

At the Bugsweepers, we provide detailed surveillance checks to protect your trade secrets from anyone who might be listening. And the fact is that, in the high-tech society that we live in today, you never can be sure who might be listening.

The Rise of Corporate and Industrial Espionage

Corporate and industrial espionage is becoming more and more common all around the globe. In 2015, the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the United States reported a 53% increase in economic espionage cases over the previous year. The rest of the world has not been spared from the spike in corporate espionage, either. Between hackers, rival companies and clandestine foreign government operations, large enterprises, businesses need to be conscious of threats from all directions.

Unfortunately, many businesses are still not conscious of the risks they face. The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation has gone on record stating that Australian businesses ‘are not immune’ to sinister threats from foreign governments or spying operations launched by rival companies.

Protect Yourself against Economic Espionage with Surveillance Detection from the Bugsweepers

With surveillance detection from the Bugsweepers, you can improve your defences against potential information thieves. Much of the growing economic espionage problem going on around the world is due to digital security breaches. With so much information stored on computers, on servers and in the cloud, hackers can spy on your business without ever even setting foot on the premises.

Unfortunately, the growth of cyber threats has pulled some of the focus away from bugs and other eavesdropping techniques. However, the fact is that these technologies are still essential components of corporate espionage spying operations. In most cases, even a compromised computer system can’t give hackers a way to listen in on your board meetings, contract talks or product planning sessions. A high-quality bug, on the other hand, can make the eavesdropper feel as if they are sitting right there in the room with you.

Hiring the Bugsweepers to perform a surveillance sweep of your board rooms, meeting rooms or individual offices can give you the freedom to speak about confidential matters without worry. When you know that no eavesdroppers are listening in on your conversations, you can have the talks necessary to move your business to the next level—whether that next level is a new technological innovation or a major mergers and acquisitions deal.

Your business is your own, whether you are talking about trade secrets or having a conversation with your spouse. To keep your words away from prying ears, hire the Bugsweepers to perform a surveillance check of your corporate office. We have been in the business of detecting surveillance for more than 20 years, and have the equipment necessary to find even the most sophisticated listening devices.

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