Is Someone Listening to Your Phone Calls? Call the Bugsweepers for Phone Tap Check and Detection Services

Most of us spend a huge amount of time on our cell phones each day, whether we’re making phone calls, sending text messages or browsing the web. The expectation, of course, is that your phone is completely private. However, in this day and age, privacy is rarely guaranteed. Without your knowledge, someone could be listening to your phone conversations right now. If you think that someone might be eavesdropping in on your telephone conversations, call the Bugsweepers. With our sophisticated phone tap detector technology, we can identify taps on your phone and restore your privacy.

Signs That Your Phone Might be Tapped

Phone taps are meant to be stealthy, but they can rarely occur without leaving any symptoms or signs behind. This statement is especially true when it comes to mobile phone taps, as the tap or bug usually needs to draw power or other resources from the device to work. Below, we have listed a few signs that might indicate a phone tap. If you notice any of these signs on your mobile phone, call the Bugsweepers right away for a phone tap check.

  • Battery problems: Mobile phone taps often take the form of unwanted software that runs in the background of your device’s operating system. The thing with mobile phone apps and programs, though, is that they use resources. If your phone is being tapped, it might be burning through battery life with inexplicable speed. It might also be warm to the touch for no apparent reason. Either of these issues might manifest as the first sign of a phone tap.
  • Interference: Some bugs or taps use frequencies that create interference when they come in close contact with TVs or radios. If you notice static or other interference when you use for phone near other electronic devices, then a phone tap detection might be order.
  • Data usage: Old phone tap programs on mobile phones used a lot of data. The technology has improved, but taps still have to send data back to their source, and that process takes data. If you haven’t changed your phone usage habits, but your phone bill is saying that your data usage has spiked, you should be on your guard.
  • Suspicious texts: Suspicious text messages are common side effects of a mobile phone tap. If you get messages that are just random series of digits, call someone to detect a phone tap. The same goes for messages that say things like ‘Diverting’ and ‘Forwarding.’

If you think the tap in question might be on your home or office phone, note that landline taps have different warning signs than mobile phone taps. If you hear a clicking when you pick up the phone, or if there are inexplicable variations in volume or static while you are talking to someone, those signs might indicate a tap.

Confirm Your Suspicions with a Phone Tap Detector

If you’ve noticed more than one of the signs listed above, don’t just think you are being paranoid. Many people ignore phone taps because they don’t think anyone would bother tapping them. If you are suspicious, it is far better to take action to confirm or deny those suspicions. Calling the Bugsweepers for phone tap detection will help you get to the bottom of the mystery. If there are bugs or malicious apps to be found, we can use our top-of-the-line devices to detect the phone tap. Learn more by calling us on 1800 008 726.