Protect Your Business against Surveillance with Regular Phone Bugging Detector Service from the Bugsweepers – Reliable Detection

Your business in the midst of a highly confidential product development cycle, contractual negotiation, partnership agreement, client signing, merger or acquisition. Information about your business dealings compromise your negotiations and cost you huge sums of money. A competitor benefit from seeing your current dealings fall through.

If any or all these statements are applicable to your company, then you are clearly in a position where you cannot afford to take any risks. The security and confidentiality of your communications are essential for the growth, profitability, and long-term success of your business. Hiring someone who can sweep your office for surveillance equipment or detect phone bugs on your phone can give you the peace of mind of knowing that your conversations will not be overheard by the wrong ears.

The Bugsweepers: Offering Phone Bug Detection Services for 20 Years

If you are worried that your office or phone system might be bugged—or if you just want to take preventative measures as a means of protecting your business dealings—the Bugsweepers can help. For the past two decades, we have been providing phone bugging detection and other surveillance sweep services in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne. We know how to find, identify, and remove all types of bugs so that you enjoy the privacy and confidentiality that is so important for your next business deal.

Some businesses will call us because they have reason to be actively suspicious about surveillance. For instance, a confidential piece of information may have been leaked to the press, encouraging the business to search for potential sources of the leak. Alternatively, they may notice odd behaviour with their phones—such as volume fluctuations on landlines or inexplicably hot mobile phone batteries—that call for phone bug detection.

Such occurrences are all good reasons to hire an office bug sweeper or phone bug detector. However, even if you haven’t noticed potential signs of surveillance, customary bug checks might not be a bad idea if you are dealing with confidential information. Especially before a big business deal or in the midst of a confidential product development process, you cannot afford to have your trade secrets leaked to the press or discovered by rival companies. Hiring an office and phone bugging detection team to sweep your offices every few months can reduce your risk level and protect the sanctity of your meetings and conversations.

Count on the Bugsweepers to Detect Phone Bugs and Other Listening Devices in Your Office

If you need someone who can search your office and check your phones for listening devices, count on the Bugsweepers. We are happy to be your partner in your quest for total confidentiality and discretion. Using the finest TSCM (technical surveillance counter measures) on the market, our listening device and phone bug detectors can find even the most sophisticated eavesdropping tools.

To engage the services of the Bugsweepers and ensure the security of your office building, give us a call on 1800 008 726.