Is My Phone Being Tapped or Bugged? Here’s How I’d Find Out:

If you’re involved in sensitive or high-stakes meetings or negotiations at your organisation, there’s a good chance your competitors will want to find out more about your activities. From corporations and government offices to military facilities and other important installations, there are many projects underway in Australia every day that need to be kept firmly under wraps—but it’s getting harder to keep them secret. With the evolution of digital technology, it’s not uncommon for corporate espionage to take exceedingly devious forms. It’s now easier than ever to hide a listening device in a board room, office, or even on a target’s phone.

We’ve all had moments of paranoia where we wonder if our private conversations are really private. We’ve all asked ourselves, “is my phone being tapped?” Sometimes, there’s no good reason to worry about something like that happening—but for those of us in more sensitive positions, it’s a viable concern. When you suspect that hostile interests may have a reason to place you under surveillance, it’s important that you take steps to investigate and deal with any threats to your privacy. In such cases, you may wish to seek out the services of a company that can provide you with technical surveillance countermeasures.

How to Look for Professional Help When You Wonder, “Is My Phone Tapped?”

A number of companies exist in Australia that can investigate certain areas of your home or business for listening devices. Those of you who have wondered, “is my phone bugged?” can also find companies that provide specific phone-sweeping services. However, it’s important to remember that if someone has a vested interest in eavesdropping on your conversations, they may put listening devices in more than one place. The best way to secure yourself from such efforts is to use a company that provides full-service bug detection sweeps for all your hotspots—from your phone and your car to your home, office, and even your bathroom.

When to Call The Bug Sweepers

One company you should contact whenever you suspect that you may be at risk from a tapped phone or any other form of eavesdropping is The Bug Sweepers. Our business uses state of the art TSCM equipment to assess the presence of electronic listening devices in a wide range of potentially bugged areas. We offer careful and detail-oriented service in an area too often overlooked by people who need to protect their privacy. Many choose to invest in home security systems, or firewalls to protect their online activities—but these measures may not be enough to protect you if an outside party can still listen to your conversations through a bugged phone or other device. With our help, these efforts can be effectively thwarted, and your information can remain secure.

No one should be subject to an invasion of their privacy, especially not on their property or in their workplace. If you believe that your personal information may be at risk from a listening device, contact The Bug Sweepers right away and request service from one of our qualified professionals. We’ll help you sweep your vital areas and ensure that they remain safe places to have conversations. Call us today.