Found a Bug in Your Office? Hire the Bugsweepers for a Hidden Surveillance Sweep and Detection Service

Have you recently found an electronic listening device in a space you thought was private? Whether it’s your office, your car, your bedroom or your corporate boardroom, finding a bug can be a shocking moment. Knowing that your privacy has been violated so severely is an occurrence that can leave anyone feeling shaken. However, finding a listening device in your office or home should also be eye-opening. Specifically, it should inspire you to call for a hidden surveillance sweep right away.

A Swarm of Bugs

First of all, congratulations on finding the bug that someone was using to spy on you. Bugs are specifically designed and planted to be inconspicuous, so if you manage to find one, that’s something of an accomplishment in and of itself. (If you aren’t sure that what you found is a listening device, click here to see pictures of different kinds of bugs.)

However, don’t feel relieved or complacent just because you found a bug. Discovering a surveillance device in your private space poses more questions than it answers. For instance, how long has someone been listening to you? Who is the eavesdropper? And perhaps more importantly, are there more bugs to be found?

In the natural world, insects and other bugs often travel together. Where you find one bug, you are likely to find others. When it comes to electronic listening, you are unlikely to face a whole swarm of surveillance devices, but there’s still a good chance that there are other bugs you haven’t found yet. A hidden surveillance detection company can help you find all the bugs because you inadvertently give away any other secrets.

Take Your Hidden Surveillance Detection Beyond the Area Where You Found the Bug

Depending on what you do for a living and why someone may be trying to spy on you, it’s probably a good idea to take your hidden surveillance sweep beyond the area where you found the first bug. It goes without saying that you will want to perform a sweep of your entire business premises if you find a bug in your office or in the boardroom. Similarly, if you find a bug in your kitchen, you will want someone to go through your entire home with a hidden surveillance detector. For best results, though, you will also want to go even further.

If someone has gone to the trouble of bugging you in one place, there is a chance they’ve bugged you in other locations as well. In other words, if someone has bugged your home office, there’s also a chance they’ve bugged your workplace, your car, your mobile phone, your work phone, your boat, your vacation home and so on and so forth.

At the Bugsweepers, we can perform a thorough hidden surveillance check of all the common places where governments, companies and other spies plant bugs. Whether you are concerned about something as small as your phone or something as large as your company’s office building, we can perform a sweep. Using the best hidden surveillance detectors on the market, we will find the bugs and give you back your privacy.

Are you interested in a hidden surveillance sweep? Call the Bugsweepers on 1800 008 726.