Do a Hidden Microphone Check to Protect Your Business

It’s going to be one of the biggest and most important meetings your company has ever held. Some of your client’s most critical and sensitive information will be discussed. It’s essential that this information is kept confidential and you’ve had all the attendees sign nondisclosure agreements. After all, the participants at your meeting will be discussing information that your competitors would love to know. It’s important, however, to take that extra step and do a hidden microphone check.

When you can’t afford to take the chance that someone else is listening call The Bug Sweepers. We can check your office, board room, or any event location for hidden listening devices. When corporate espionage can cost companies millions of dollars in lost secrets and business, taking the extra step to protect your interests is the right one.

It’s imperative to hire professionals to help in these situations. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you know everything about industrial espionage and be a sitting duck. Thinking you will save yourself a few thousand dollars by doing it on your own could end up costing you millions. We can help prepare any location for you ahead of time. If you want to conduct a hidden microphone check before an important meeting, don’t tell everybody about it and do it at an unscheduled time out of the office. You don’t want to alert anyone who may be listening that you suspect something. Call us today, and we can make sure your most valuable secrets are protected.