When You Need Someone to Do a Hidden Camera Check

It’s an eerie feeling – that someone is always watching you. It’s particularly uncomfortable when you have that feeling in your private residence. Don’t think, however, it’s just your imagination. Electronic video surveillance has become an important part of corporate espionage. A foreign government interested in industrial secrets or a competitor who wants to stay one step ahead can plant the video bug in your home or office to gain access to important information. When you need to do a hidden camera check in Sydney Brisbane or Melbourne call The Bug Sweepers.

When you count the number of ways that a person can be spied on by a hidden camera, it’s quite alarming. Equipment such as transmitters, wireless bugs, or burst transmitters hidden in common everyday items such as a smoke detector, a lamp or a baby monitor, a clock or even a door handle are not just the stuff of fanciful spy novels. Billions of dollars are spent each year by governments or corporations for intelligence or corporate espionage. Doing a hidden camera check if you are concerned that someone is watching you is not a waste of money but a smart business and personal decision.

When you call us to work with you, we will use the most modern and up-to-date electronic surveillance countermeasures to ensure that your business and family are safe from unwanted surveillance. We can sweep your office, your entire home, your vehicle, and any place your company may be holding an outside event. When you ask us to do a hidden camera check, you can be sure if there is a hidden camera we will find it.