When you need to detect hidden recording devices

Do you ever have the feeling that someone is listening to every word you say? Information that you thought was private has appeared online. Your competitors always seem to know what your next business move is going to be. You notice that when you’re on a supposedly secure phone call you hear strange clicks and other sounds that shouldn’t be there. You think you’re just being silly but the reality is that you need to have someone try to detect hidden recording devices at your business or your home. These days when foreign governments, particularly Russia and China, are just as interested in corporate espionage as in government secrets not taking that extra step to detect hidden recording devices is a mistake.

When you need solid technical surveillance countermeasures to make sure that your business and personal information is secure you should contact The Bug Sweepers.

This is not just some fanciful imagining. Corporate espionage is a serious problem around the globe, and because of the fear of embarrassment, it is largely unreported. Many of your competitors will have dedicated teams whose job it is to gather intelligence on businesses such as yours.

We can help protect you. We can do an audit on your telephony systems, we can sweep all the rooms in your home (including your children’s because your competitors will stop at nothing to gain the upper hand), your office, your vehicle and any important corporate events were sensitive information may be discussed. In 2013, over $25 billion was spent worldwide on electronic surveillance countermeasures. Let us make you part of this effort and help you detect any hidden recording devices.