Do You Need a Counter Surveillance Sweep? Here’s How to Know Which Equipment Works Best for Detection

If you think your office or board room might be under surveillance, the smartest thing you can do is hire someone to carry out a counter surveillance check. At the Bugsweepers, we have been providing this kind of service in major Australian business hubs for more than 20 years. From Sydney to Melbourne to Brisbane, we assist businesses in detecting and removing bugs from office spaces, meeting rooms, board rooms and more.

Often, though, even people who think that someone might be bugging them don’t immediately call for a counter surveillance sweep. There is a ‘it couldn’t possibly happen to me’ mentality when it comes to bugging—even when it comes to high-profile businesspeople. These individuals may spot common warning signs of bugging, but fool themselves into thinking that there is another less sinister explanation for what is going on.

While there could be another explanation, it is always best to be sure. At the Bugsweepers, we have the counter surveillance equipment necessary to provide a concrete answer. So if you think you are being bugged and want to find out for sure, all you have to do is pick up the phone and call.

Common Surveillance Warning Signs

There are a lot of signs that can point towards some sort of surveillance. These days, between our computers, our phones, our email accounts, social media, cloud databases and more, there are more places for spies to get your information than ever before. As far as bugging is concerned, though, these are some of the top indicators that you should call for a counter surveillance check:

  • Your trade secrets have leaked or ended up in the wrong hands: Trade secrets are worth a lot of money to your competitors or the news media. If your trade secrets somehow end up in the wrong hands, there aren’t that many possible explanations. Either you’ve been hacked, someone inside your business is leaking information, or you are being bugged.
  • Other people know about the topics of confidential meetings: If you’ve been hashing out potential bids, contracts, partnerships, acquisitions or other major business moves in the board room, then you are probably working in confidence. You may have even required other meeting attendees to sign non-disclosure agreements. If someone seems to know about your meeting discussions when they shouldn’t—or if a rival suddenly beats you to the punch on a deal or manoeuvre—then you might be getting bugged.
  • The office doesn’t look quite right: People who are good at planting bugs are like ghosts—you can’t tell they were ever there. Still, some people who plant bugs are sloppy, whether because they just aren’t good at it or because they were rushed. As such, if you notice anything out of place or out of the ordinary in your office, call for counter surveillance detection. Examples of suspicious irregularities include drywall or ceiling tile dust on the floor, off kilter electrical wall plates or objects that seem to have appeared out of thin air (like lamps, clocks or even pens).

Call for a Counter Surveillance Check Today

If for any reason you suspect that you are being bugged, it’s better to be sure than to take chances. Call the Bugsweepers today for a thorough counter surveillance detection service. With our state-of-the-art counter surveillance equipment, we will find listening devices if they are there. Call us on 1800 008 726 to get started.